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Convert Documents to PDF Easily

Send your document in PDF format is one of the best way to keep the layout and format unaltered. People can simply using a reader to open the file and the file content, layout and format are exactly the same as you provided.

For example, when you send your document in word format, you may need to think about the version compability problems. But using PDF file, you never experience such problem. Your document can be fully supported on any PDF reader, even on different platforms, like Unix or Linux.

doPDF is a freeware tools to convert any printable document to PDF format.

The doPDF program installs as a virtual printer driver and can be accessed from any application that supports printing. To convert your document into PDF format, simply select the doPDF printer instead of your regular printer. The file will be converted and saved as PDF document.

doPDF also supports basic conversion features, including customizable resolution, page scaling, predefined page size and quality settings.

doPDF software can be found from following URL


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