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Using smart phone to surf Internet is more and more common today. You may consider to build a mobile version of your website to facilitate the Internet surfing from mobile devices.

When building the mobile version, you need to consider the following points

1. Keep it simple
You should mainly use text and image in the mobile web site and avoid using Flash, Javascript or other fancy stuffs.

Even though browsers in smart phone work likes the one in desktop, it is better to keep it simple to adapt with the characteristic of the smart phone, like small screen size, limiting resources.

2. One column
Make the website in single column with vertical scrollbar only. It is difficult for user to scroll left and right in phone.

3. Avoid Input
Provides links and buttons for easy navigation. It is difficult to do typing in smart phone. Easy navigation and jump between different pages is important.

4. Keep Consistence
The style of your mobile website should be consistence with your desktop version.

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