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Today we will introduce some file management freewares. These freewares can help you to manage files in your computer. They can help to backup, restore, delete and encrypt the files.

– Backup

Some important company materials, for example customer records and financial material, certainly must make a backup. The backup can help company to keep the normal operation even the data is corrupted under the situation like system failure, virus attack and human fault.

This software is easy to use,
– allows to setup schedule to backup
– supports different encryption technology
– saves the backup into different media, like FTP
– allows remote backup

– File Undelete

If a file is deleted accidentally, and the Recycle Bin is clean up also. It is still possible to recover the file.


Although the user interface is a bit simple, it can help to recover the
deleted file.
– it can restore the file in memory card
– it is no need to install
– it is very small and the size is only 192Kb

– Wipe out the file

Wipe out the file can avoid confidential data being recover by others.


This software can wipe out the file completely by using different computational algorithm.

– File encryption

File encryption can help to improve the security level.


This software will save those files into an encrypted virtual drive.
– 128Bit Encryption
– Send encrypted email

All of the above are some useful freewares. Before using the softwares, you are advised to read the user license and manual first.

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