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Looking for Free Computer Help?

Are you looking for someone to help you solve your computer problem?
You find something strange on your computer and don’t know whether it is a virus. You want someone to give you some help?

Help2Go website may give you some help.

Help2Go is a community committed to offering free computer help, technical support, tutorials, and spyware removal in a way that everyone can understand.
It is empowered by a group of volunteers.

To use their services,

1. You need to create a account first. Don’t it is free.

2. You can go to “Help Forum” for general computer problem or

3. You can go to “Spyware Help Forum” for those viruses/spyware problem

There are also a lot of tutorial which cover number of topics, include Email, Internet, Photo Editing, Virus, Web Design and many others.

The website URL is follow


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One Response to “Looking for Free Computer Help?”

  1. Patrina Humphreys

    Thanks Abunch! I have been searching for this information all day now. My dell is not running like fast anymore and I need to figure out how to fix it asap. I have bookmarked your blog so other users can find it 2 on delicious.