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Keyboard Shortcuts for Excel

Enhance your productivity by using the Excel Shortcut Keys.

Ctrl N New File
Ctrl O Open File
Ctrl S Save File
F12 Save As
Ctrl F4 Close File
Ctrl P Display Print Dialog
Ctrl Z Undo
Ctrl Y Redo
Alt F4 Exit
Ctrl X Cut
Ctrl C Copy
Ctrl V Paste
Ctrl F6 Move between Workbooks
Ctrl PageDown Move to Next Worksheet
Ctrl PageUp Move to Previous Worksheet
Ctrl Home Go to First Cell
Ctrl End Go to Last Cell
Ctrl A Select Whole Worksheet
Shift Spacebar Select Row
Ctrl Spacebar Select Column
Shift F11 Insert New Worksheet
F2 Edit Cell
Ctrl B Bold Toggle
Ctrl I Italic Toggle
Ctrl U Underline Toggle
Ctrl 5 Strikethrough Toggle
Ctrl Shift F Change Font
Ctrl Shift P Change Font Size
Alt Enter Wrap Text
= Insert Formula
Ctrl Shift 7 Apply Borders
Ctrl Shift _ Remove Borders
Ctrl Shift 4 Format As Currency
Ctrl Shift 5 Format As Percentage
Ctrl Shift 1 Format As Number
Ctrl Shift # Remove Formatting
Insert Text Automatically
Alt = Sum a Range of Cells
Ctrl ; Insert Date
Ctrl Shift ; Insert Time
Ctrl Shift + Insert Columns/Rows
F11 Create Chart for Selected Range

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