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Monitoring System Areas of Your Machine Against Malicious Programs

WinPatrol is a freeware which gives you a better understanding of what programs are added to your machine.

It monitors important system areas that are often altered by malicious programs and alerts you if it detects any changes. The areas being monitored includes registry, startup folder, scheduled tasks, services, Add-Ons in Internet Explorer, and ActiveX Controls. It will provides alert or notification when the system areas is changed.

WinPatrol also provides other tools to manage your processes and other system areas. It permits you to remove programs from the start menu and active tasks with the option to kill the task. It will list any IE helpers installed, any scheduled tasks, and file associations with the option to remove an item or revert a change. You can terminate processes and manage the startup programs. It will also list the cookies (in Internet Explore or Firebox) in your machine and you can cleanup the cookies based on a keyword search.

Here’re some of the advanced features:
– Remove and Disable Startup Programs
– Manage IE Helpers
– Monitor Scheduled Tasks
– Manage Services
– Remove Active Tasks
– Expose Hidden Files
– Cookie Management and Filtering
– Monitor and Restore File Types

There is also a paid version WinPatrol Plus which provides some additional features and online support.

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One Response to “Monitoring System Areas of Your Machine Against Malicious Programs”

  1. Manchoi

    thanks for your suggestion! this is a good tools to keep my registry and startup folder clean! it’s nice!