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A portable email client program in USB Disk

Reach-a-Mail is a portable email client that can be carried on a USB Disk. You don’t need to install the software into the hard-drive and the software can be run directly on the USB Disk. It’s extremely useful if you need prefer a desktop application rather than a web mail interface.

Reach-a-Mail is a freeware. You can use it to check your email, download mesages, and also send or forward messages.
It also includes a simple address book to store your contacts. It also allows you to import existing contacts (as well as mail and settings) from Outlook Express.

Reach-a-Mail can be used with multiple POP accounts. You can choose to leave messages on the server so they can be retrieved later with your regular email program.

If you need to access your POP email while on the move this is the program to use.

It can be found in following URL


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