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Protect Your PocketPC If You Want Them To Last

PocketPC or PocketPC Phone is common today. People always tap on the PPC and look for information or making a call. While enjoying the convenience and effectiveness brings from your PPC, you also need to consider the protection on your PPC.

You should protect your PPC in two areas: Software and Physical

1. Software Protection

Your desktop and laptop computers are protected with firewalls and antivirus software. These utility are used to guard against those malware, spyware or virus. Actually, your pocketpc also encounter those threats. You should install antivirus software on your pocketpc to protect against virus or spyware. Installing antivirus software should be in high priority when getting a new pocketpc.

Another types of software protection is Backup. You should install a backup software which can backup all your info and data inside your pocketpc. This backup software should also save your current configuration and settings of pocketpc. Please ensure you run your backup software by schedule.

2. Physical Protection

Pocket PC will get knocked around a lot in general use. You should find a case to protect your pocketpc. Generally, there are two types of case: soft case and hard case. Depends on your usage, heavier users better go for a hard cases. Soft cases are fine for general users, but obviously they cannot provide the same level of protection as hard case.

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