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Tips to protect your web site:

1. Keep contact with your web hosting provider, so they can help you out if there is a hacking.

2. Don’t give your username/password to anyone else.

3. Change your password frequently.

4. Disable the “Forgot Password” on your site. This function is convenient but it gives a chance for hackers to play with.

5. Keep third party components in your website update, likes Forum, Online Chat, etc.

6. Disable any unused features (e.g. FTP) in the control panel of your web hosting.

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2 Responses to “Few Tips To Protect Your Web Site From Hacker”

  1. Matthew

    Are there any other similar blogs I can follow up on?

  2. Evinco Editor

    You may refer to the AntiVirus/Security category, there are many articles discuss about computer security.

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