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Seven Useful Tips for Burning your CD/DVD

1. Pick a Quality CD/DVD

Always use the highest quality CD/DVD. Remember that your data in CD/DVD is much valuable than the cost of your CD/DVD itself.

2. Always copy from local hard drives

Avoid copying from a network source. If the source files for your disk are somewhere on network, copy the files to your local hard drives first and burn from there. This can avoid any network connection problem.

3. Ensure your Battery Power if burning on a laptop

Avoid burning on a laptop computer that is low on battery power. You should plug your laptop to ensure the power supply.

4. Close usused application before burning

This can reduce the resources consumption of your computer, which can help keep your burning process smooth.

5. Avoid Any Movement of Drive

When burning, it’s always better to keep your disc drive stable and untouch.

6. Review the CD/DVD after burning

Review your CD/DVD after burning. Check if it can run correctly and all the files are there.

7. Stick label precise and clear

If you will stick a label on the disc, ensure it is firmly stick on the disc. It’s better to run the disc again after sticking the label.

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One Response to “Seven Useful Tips for Burning your CD/DVD”

  1. kina

    just share my opinion.

    i make cd frequently. Start from last month, i get 1 cd burn fail for every 2 cd. I suspected that it may due to the quality of cd. So i try to grab some high-grade cd, but it still fails.

    I brought those cd to my friend and try, they all works.
    So i know the truth, it the cd writer problem. And those fail-cd are actually workable.

    My comment is that you need to buy a good CD/DVD writer also.