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Few Tips to Speed Up Your Computer

1. Defrag your computer at least once a month.

Go to “Start > Program Files > Accessories > System tools > Disk defragmenter”.

You can click on “analyze” first before you choose defrag, it will tell you if your disk need to defrag.

2. Do Disk Clean Up at least once every two weeks.

Click “Start > Program Files > Accessories > System tools > Disk Clean Up”. Select the disk you’d like to clean up. It will shows you the files to delet and the spaced released after clean up.

3. Delete and Uninstall unwanted programs from your computer.

Go to “Start > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs”. You are advised to restart your machine after uninstallation.

4. Unload services from Windows startup.

Check to see any unnecessary program is running when Windows startup.

5. Run anti-spyware programs every week to remove spyware.

6. Run complete scan with your antivirus software at least once a week.

The above tips help to speed up your computer by removing necessary files, stopping unwanted programs, and removing virus/spyware run on your machine.

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One Response to “Few Tips to Speed Up Your Computer”

  1. Robert E.

    The blog was decidedly fantastic! Lots of good information and encouragement, both of which we all need!