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Talking Alarm Clock on Your Computer Desktop

Nowaday, people work with computer everyday. It is always better if we can keep our schedule in the computer and alert us for the different events. For example, alarm for making online bank payment.

Talking Alarm Clock is a desktop alarm clock freeware which can remind you of important dates and events.

Talking Alarm Clock provides three types of alarm, pop-up dialog, sound notification and Microsoft Agent character animation. It also has an optional spoken announcement of the alarm text, using Microsoft Agent. You can schedule one-time reminders or recurring events (daily, weekly or monthly). You can also limit the alarms to certain Windows users. The program runs in the system tray and offers an easy to use interface that allows you to add new alarms easily.

One distinguished feature of this tool from other alarm tools is it can wake up computer from standby status. This feature is very powerful to be combined with other automation tools.

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