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Temporary Email Addreess: 10 Minute Mail

When you visit some forum or get some download, you may be asked for email to get into.
However, you may worry about email spamming and don’t want to expose your email address.

Do you want a temporary email? You can sign up for a site which requires that you provide an e-mail address for validation. This temporary email address which will be deleted a moment later and most important is you don’t need to fill in any information to apply this temporary email address.


It’s simple to use. Just click the link in the center of page.
You will be provided with a temporary email address. This temporary address is dedicated to you only.

You can then use this temporary email address and all the email sent to this address will be shown out in the web page.

If you want to extend the time for the temporary email. Just click the link in the page.

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