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UP! Four Building Blocks to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking

The following are the four basic but most important building blocks to improve your ranking in search engine results.

1. Title & Description Tag

Your title tag should have keywords that meaningfully describe your page. You should provide distinct meaningful title to every web page. Don’t just put your company name, but you should give a page title that shows the content of the page. You should make it readable and easy to understand.

The description tag may also influence the ranking of your page in search engine result. You should give a meaningful description about your webpage and try to put some keywords into the description tag.

2. Keywords

Keywords, of course, must be related to the contents of your web page. Remember to put the keywords into the contents in a sensible way. Keyword density is important to Google. The search engine robots will calculate the keyword density to determine the page is valid with meaningful contents. If the density is too high, search engine may think that it is a page that spam with keywords and it is not a useful information to the user.

3. Content

The content of your site is very important. You should try to provide useful and unique contents in your website and make sure that not only is it relevant to the topic of your site, but that it is interesting or informative to your readers/customers. If the information you provided is unique and you are the only source in the internet, people must visit your website to get the information. You should also update and add new content to your website regularly. This can encourage visitor to re-visit your website. If you stop doing that, people will stop visiting your site.

4. Links

Provide meaningful anchor text for the links within your web site and the links to your web site. Search engine crawler use the link to determine how importance is your web page. The anchor text is a important reference for crawler to understand your web page.

Besides building links to your web site, you should also build links within your web site. Ensure at least two internal links is linked to every page of your web site and there is no orphan page in your website. These can helps the search engine to crawl and find your web pages.

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