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Watermark photos and protect your intellectual property

If you share photos, you never know what others will use your photos. The scenario is even worst if you post your photos on web. Others may take your photos and claim that they are the original author. Some others may even put a hyperlink and link to your photo directly. You not only lost your work, but also hurt your website traffic. The purpose of adding watermark to a photo is to protect from others staking claim to your work and intellectual property.

There are other ways to protect your photos, but they are not the final solution.

  1. Disable the right-click menu in your webpage.

    But it easy to get your photos by turn-off the Javascript or simply by saving your webpage.
  2. In webpage, adding a transparent gif image file on top of your photos.

    Again, your photos can be downloaded by saving your webpage. Another simple trick is screen capture.

Watermarking is probably the most effective and easy way to protect your photos.

Even others get your photos, it always go with a watermark on it. The watermark works as your signature. You put a watermark on top of the photo and just like a signature. They get your photos and get your signature too.

You should takes following steps when using Photo Watermarking software.

1. Separate your original copy.

You should keep them in a separate and safe place. You should not edit your original photos.

2. Prepare the working copy.

Make a separate working folder. Select the photos you want to watermark and copy them to the working folder.

3. Start your watermarking process and remember to work on your working copy.

4. You keeps the original photos, but also have the watermarked photos.

In generarl Watermarking software, you are provided with two types or styles of watermark.

– Text Watermark

You can type anythings as the watermark text. For example, “Sample”, “DEMO” or “Restricted” etc.
The software may also provides defined text, like current date/time, filename, copyright symbol and used as watermark.

– Image Watermark

You can use your company logo or image as watermark and add on top of your photos.

Some advanced watermarking software also provide tools which can make your photos as sample.
They can generate thumbnail or add some patterns on top of the photos.
This is extremely useful if you want to keep the completeness of your photo while protect your intellectual property.

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5 Responses to “Watermark photos and protect your intellectual property”

  1. Chusir

    Good post! It lists every details on how to protect photo.
    Dont’ do the silly things, like disable right-click in your webpage.

  2. Bertlin Sherington

    how’s about adding the copyright message to the meta of the image?

  3. Evinco Editor

    Do you mean digital watermark?

    This may not help if others make a direct link to the image host on your website. More important is that, you can only trace if someone use your image, but you cannot stop them using it. People can simply make a copy of your photo in some Photo Editing software and remove your digital watermark.

    Make a visible watermark should be the final solution to protect your copyright.

  4. vp6 converter

    Thank you for the info… thanx for your quick answer…, i appreciate that, btw, can i link this tool to my blogs? if you permit it of course.

  5. Gussie Merrick

    This is some intersting information. Thanks for taking the time to post.