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Web Style Guide: A definitive guide for Web Design

Today we will introduce you a web site called “Web Style Guide”. It discusses different aspect on web design.
If you want to have a complete understanding on web design, you must go throught this guide.
If you’re running a web site or a web business, “Web Style Guide” let you know how important the web design is.

This guide cover following eight chapter:

1. Process

2. Interface Design

3. Site Design

4. Page Design

5. Typography

6. Editorial Style

7. Graphics

8. Multimedia

Chapter 1 – “Process” covers the web design process. It starts the discussion from planning and go into details on different aspects of site development. These aspects includes design, construction, marketing, tracking and maintenance.

Chpater 2 – “Interface Design” covers the basic components on the web design, likes accessibility, navigation.

Chapter 3 – “Site Design” talks about different web site structure and provides seven different themes for discussion. It also discusses different site elements, include home page, menus, search features, faq page. Before the end of the chapter, it has a section talk about the difference between internet and intranet design.

Chapter 4 – “Page Design” shows you different aspect you need to consider when making a page design, likes page dimensions, length, header/footer, layout, etc.

Chapter 5 – “Typography” talks the balance and interplay of letterforms on the page that helps the reader understand the page content.

Chapter 6 – “Editorial Style” discusss how to change the writing style to fit the web.

Chapter 7 – “Graphics” covers every aspects on the web graphics. It covers colors, screen resolution, different file formats, etc.

Chapter 8 – “Multimedia”. It is a important chapter if you want to add multimedia content into your website.

This “Web Style Guide” can be found in following URL


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  1. Eddy

    howdy I am new to this. but found this very useful. I will come back regularly.