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CatStudio Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: I lost my license information. Can you help?
A: Please go to Retrieve License Information page to retrieve your license information.

Q: Does the Web Catalog has autorun feature?
A: Yes. You can specify whether the Web Catalog has auto-run feature. You just check the autorun checkbox. All the necessary files for autorun will be imported into the Web Catalog.

Q: What is the screen resolution of the HTML CD?
A: There are two resolutions you can choose for the HTML CD. They are 800x600 and 1024x768.

Q: I want to put all product attributes into the catalog. How can I do that?
A: CatStudio allows unlimited product attributes. You can specify the "Master Attributes" in "Settings" for general use. Or you can specify the "Attributes" for each project.

Q: What kind of contents can I put into the Web/Movie/PDF catalog?
A: For Web Catalog, you can add Attachment, Catalog, HTML, Image/Flash, Section Page, Text and Table of Contents.
For Movie and PDF Catalog, you can Catalog, Image, Section Page and Table of Contents.

Q: How many types of layout for the Catalog?
A: There are 4 layouts provided, they are Page Layout, Table Layout, Grid Layout and Album Layout.

Q: Is there any limitation on the length of the catalog?
A: No. You can make the catalog as long as you want.

Q: Is there any forum I can post my question about the software?
A: Yes. We have a discussion forum for CatStudio software. Visit Evinco Support Forum