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21 Tips on Search Engine Optimization

1. Put continuous effort on SEO
SEO is not a one-time process, you need to commit to the process and make the change regularly.

2. Get web analytics tools
You should have some analytics tools in place to measure the result of seo.

3. Build a site map page
You should have a site map page which lists out all the webpage of your website. This can ensure search engine spider has at least one direct link to the page.

4. No deep structure
Keep your website three levels deep in maximum. This not only helps customer to navigate your website, but also help spider to c

5. Use unique title and description for every web page
Be sure to put some of your keywords into the title and description.

6. Don’t put everything in a single paragraph
Add header and sub-header with h1, h2, h3 tag

7. Use alt text for all your images
Put description of your image into ALT tag.

8. Writ your unique content
Don’t copy from other website. Write your own unique content. This can definitely help your page rank.

9. Provides fresh content
You should keep posting new content and update your page regularly.
It is always better if you can update everyday.

10. Build quality links
One authoritative link can provide more than hundred poor quality links.

11. Don’t pay for links
Use money wisely on other areas, like PPC advertisement

12. Recommendation
Use “recommended products” to link between similar products or articles to increase their relevancy

13. Make SEO-friendly URLs
Put keywords into the URL and use hyphen to separate it.

14. Provides RSS feed
This can help your customer and attract some new traffic.

15. Provides friendly “Page Not Found” page
You may add some page suggestion for your “Page Not Found” page

16. Fix any broken link immediately
You may consider using 301 redirect to redirect those broken link to another page.

17. Provides Redirect page
Don’t just delete the webpage, use 301 redirect to redirect traffic to relevant page.

18. Submit to quality search engine/directories
Google, Yahoo, DMOZ, Bing.

19. Blogging
Start a blog and provide relevant articles to your website/business.

20. Social Media
Use facebook, twitter, digg to spread your product information wisely

21. Be patient
You cannot get instant effect with SEO. It may takes a month to see the result.

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2 Responses to “21 Tips on Search Engine Optimization”

  1. bootleg movies on the internet

    Aint it the truth, I truley share the same views as the author and could not agree more.

  2. Lonny Fimbrez

    I value your comments. Even though I might not agree with almost everything you say, it is good to see someone showing their thoughts with the minimum of fuss.