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Search engine optimisation (SEO) helps your website to acheive a higher ranking in search engine. It is a low cost method to generate traffic, and brings customer. Follows are a list of step you should follow to do the search engine optimization.

1. Analysis of web access log or web analytics reports

2. Consolidate keywords from your existing marketing strategy

3. Using keyword research tools and find related keywrods of your website

4. Checking the search engine saturation of keywords

5. Matching keywords to existing pages

6. Identifying any new webpages

7. Review keyword frequency

8. Revising the META-tags

9. Submit to search engines and web directories

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2 Responses to “Basic Steps for Search Engine Opimization (SEO)”

  1. London UK

    Your seo knowledge needs a little bit of updating, seo has moved on.

  2. Evinco Editor

    Thanks for your comment.

    Please be remind that this article is posted on 2007. But I think those basic steps are still important for search engine optimization. Keywords is still the main ingredient of SEO in 2009.