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Advantages of Email Marketing

1. Global reach
Email marketing can reach worldwide customer.

2. Lower cost
Low cost and a great return on investment.

3. Personalized
You can personalize the email content to fit your customer’s needs. This highly personalized feature is not provided by other marketing means.

4. Interactive
Graphics/Video and other documents can be added into the email to grab recipient’s attention and provid further information.

5. Measurable
You can easily track the result by measuring the click-through in the website.

6. Quicker
Email marketing is one of the quickest way to send your product information to customer.

7. Close Connection with Customer
Email can provide a direction connection with your customer. Customer can reply your email and give you feedback immediately.

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One Response to “Advantages of Email Marketing”

  1. Luigi Fulk

    Keeping you email list active and working it is the biggest mistake most new marketers make great posting