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Three Email Marketing Myths

1. Send more email is better
People may think that if they send more email out, their message has a higher chance to be delivered to the customer. They can have a higher business opportunities.

This is not the truth. If you send many email to your subscribers, they may simply drop your email or even put your address into ignore list. Another concern is your Internet Service Provider (ISP). The more email you send out, the more likely your ISP will keep an eye on your mail sending. You may have higher change to be blocked by your ISP. Moreover, abusing email may cause damage to your company brand name too.

So, don’t over mailing your email list. Send a single email with targeted content is better than send thousands of email.

2. Keep email list clean is not important
People may think that the incorrect email address in the list is not a big issue. Any undelivered email will be bounced back. It is waste of time to keep the list clean.

This is wrong. You need to keep your email list clean and ensure the address are valid. First, it wastes your time of email marketing. If your list have 30% of invalid address, you’re wasting 30% of sending time on it. Also, if you keeps sending out email with invalid email address, it will attract the ISP attention on your email marketing and may blocks your email service. Moreover, if the recipient’s email server keeps receiving invalid email from you, it may put your sender address into SPAM list as you look likes to try a random address for spamming.

So, keeps your email list clean and valid. Remove those invalid and duplicate email address.

3. Standard content is enough, no need personalization.
Some email marketer simply put a picture or standard and same content in the email and send to every recipients. They think that this is easier and they can still get a good enough result for a long email list. Personalization is time consuming and only gives little help.

Not true. Those “picture only” or standard content email has a higher chance to be marked as SPAM. It is because recipient’s email server can easily identify those email with same subject and content from same sender. If the email is marked as SPAM, how can you get success with your email marketing. Moreover, studies show that email that is personalized have a higher open rate and success rate. The time to spend on personalize the email is relatively small compared to the increment on the success rate.

So, put time to personalize your email which raise the recipient’s interest to open and read your email.

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