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– Perform search engine optimization
Make your website search engine friendly. Search engine optimization is the key to getting good search engine ranking.

– Avoid a solely-flash web sites
Search engines don’t know what a flash is about and they don’t index flash content.
If your website are built only with flash, you may even have trouble to get indexed by search engine.

– Avoid Javascript navigation menu
If this is the case, you should provide an alternative. Navigation menu is a good path for search engine to further crawl your website.
However, search engine will not crawl Javascript. It is better to avoid javascript navigation menu.

– Build inbound links to your site
Building inbound links from other websites can improve your website’s credibility.
It can also helps people find your site.

– Include relevant keywords
Put relevant keywords in your title, description and page content. If your website is lack of relavant keywords and phrases, how can people find your website? Do make a comprehensive research and put relavant keywords to your website.

– Avoid black hat trick, like keywords spam.
Search engine will give penalty to those website with seo trick.

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