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Cannot read your CD/DVD?

Use compatc discs (CD/DVD) as a storage media is very common today. The large storage capacity and sturdiness are the two major advantages of compact discs. But sometimes the disc cannot be read, it is very annoying. Let’s have a look what things we need to take care to keep the discs in good condition.

Compact Discs work on the principle of reflection of light. They are all plastic and not affected by magnetic fields. Disc drives have a built in laser that is used to read data. When laser is focused on to the CD the beam get reflected. The disc drive based on the reflection to determine the data stored. Since nothing touches the disc, the disc is not worn out by the playing process.

However, when something on the CD breaks the path of the laser light, the reflection cannot be made which will make the disc cannot be read.
If there are some dust or a finger print on the disc, which may affect the reflection. So it is important to keep your disc clean and away from dust or finger print.

If you cannot read your disc, you may try to clean it and run again. All you need to do is to wipe the shinny side of the CD with a clean moist cloth and try running it again make sure the CD is dry before you run it. You are advised to use those specified cleaner to clean the disc.

Actually DVD work on the same principle and are bit more sensitive to dust.

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