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CCleaner make your computer cleaner and faster

CCleaner is a freeware tool to clean your system from temporary and unnecessary files that accumulate over time. It cleans out allot of things like Temporary internet files, cookies, history, recent documents, Run (in start menu), Empties your Recycle bin, Temporary files and lots more. Also scans for issues and fixes them. You can select the items that you want cleaned, and also specify cookies that should not be deleted.

It is a very fast junk (unused and temporary files etc.) cleaner. It also optimizes the PC with a built-in registry-cleaner. The program comes with a registry scanner that scans for invalid references and options to start cleaning automatically or from the command line.

It is a must have if you want to have a clean and fast PC.

CCleaner is completely free for both individual and commercial use.

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