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Web Sites that help you doing business in China: (3) Business Guide

To do business in China, you need to know their law, culture and working style first before getting in. You may find following website useful in these area.

HSBC webpage

In this HSBS webpage, it covers different topics in doing business in China. It talks about how to setup different type of business entities in China. It also has a section to discuss the taxation, include corporate tax, personal income tax and indirect taxes. You need to understand the legal system to run your company better. The HSBC webpage provides introduction on the advertising law and labour law.


In this China-Window.com website, you can find a lot of business
culture and tips. You can know how to addressing Chinese. You can know
how to handle business gift-giving issues in China. You can understand
how important of business networks in China. You are advised to explore
the website if you want to have a deep understanding on the business
culture in China.

TDC Extract

This is an Extract from Guide to Doing Business in China. Though it is
dated as November 2004, it is a good reference. It talks about foreign
investment management, import/export, taxation, foreign exchange,
finance and account, staff recruitment, etc.


ChinaToday.com provides general information about China. It provides
information about trade & investment, cities, entertainment, travel
and weather. You can find all the basic information over there.

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2 Responses to “Web Sites that help you doing business in China: (3) Business Guide”

  1. Ashi Keduma

    a good work. i mean all these three posts, the website links are useful, i can find many useeful info about business in china. Ashi.

  2. junkyStuff

    You need to add China Law Blog to this list. It is at http://www.chinalawblog.com and its the best.