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Don’t send marketing email during holidays

An email marketing campaign is one of the cheapest ways that can be used to promote product to customers. Even it is cheap, you still need to take every steps to achieve a higher success rate. To perform a success email marketing campaign, you need to have:
– comprehensive recipients list
– good email software
– attractive and well designed email contents
– but when?

Let investigate what times you should not send the email?

– Mid-night
People always think that spam message are sent at night. When they back to office in morning, they just check their emails and delete those marketing email. People don’t expect their normal business email is sent at mid-night.

Is it okay to send during office hour? No. You should not bother your receipient during their office hour. The best time to send your email is close to the end of office hour. The recipients are more free to do some off track work or browse the internet.

– Holiday
During the holidays, people tend to be away from computers. They will not check their email frequently and regularly. When they back to office, they will get tons of email to handle. Those marketing/spam message will be deleted without a look. You should aovid sending emails during summer holiday, christmas or new year.

– Weekend
Weekend is similar as holiday. The inbox is much full on Monday compared to the rest of the week. The first easy task to process email is to delete those marketing or spam message.

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