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Find and delete duplicate files

In your computer, the temp files, internet temporary files and browser cache always occupied a lot of disk space.
Actually, there are some other files which also occupy a lot of disk space. They are duplicate files.

If you find out the duplicate files in your computer, you will find that there are many.
We introduce a freeware which can help to locate those duplicate file and delete them.

Easy Duplicate Finder is a freeware which can help you to find and delete duplicate files.
The software scans selected folders or drives and produces a list of all files that have the exact same content.
You can choose to delete all of them or only selected files.

It also allows you to preform filtering and setup exclusion.

This freeware can be found from following URL


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2 Responses to “Find and delete duplicate files”

  1. Duplicate Files Deleter

    For wasting some unnecessary file computer lost actual speed on the other hand wast our disk space also.To improve PC performance and utilize disk space. We can use this “duplicate file filter”. if you find another great one then you have good news “Duplicate Files Deleter.”

  2. Michael Richard

    Sound Good!! we can also try DuplicateFilesDeleter ! it is also save and fast.