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Following the Spam Filtering Rule for your Email Marketing

Email marketing is a low cost method to delivery your business message to the potential customers. Due to this low cost method, spam/junk email is a great problem. Spam filtering are imposed to protect the in-box from the flood of junk email.

These are the tips to you should following when performing email marketing

1. Avoid spam phrases. For example, Click here, Free, Buy Now are the common Spam keywords.

2. Don’t use all capital letters in email subject and content. If you use all capital letters in email subject, your email has higher chance to be marked as SPAM.

3. Avoid excessive exclamation marks. Don’t put too many exclamation marks in your email content.

4. Use real sender name and email (company name or your real name with title)

5. Don’t format your email content with too many colors.

6. If you’re sending newsletter, keep your the format and style of your newsletter the same. The subject, sender, email content should be consistence for your newsletter. This can help the recipients to identify your newsletter and lower the chance to mis-marked your email as SPAM.

7. Ensure your html email follow the HTML standard. Some spam filters will treat non-standard HTML email is a symptoms of SPAM. Avoid to use MS-Word to prepare HTML email, as the email are not in standard html format.

8. Avoid html email with only image and no/little text.

9. Provide a way to un-subscribe from your email.

10. Provide off line contact method in the email, like phone or address

11. Testing. Test your email by sending to different email address. You can send the email to gmail, hotmail, your ISP email and your company email. They have different set of spam filtering, you may test and see if your email is marked as SPAM or not. You can then adjust your email accordingly.

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