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Four Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Blog

1. Choose the Right Blog Software
WordPress, Blogger, or MovableType are the three most common choice for the bloggers. The installation process is simple and they provides an easy-to-use interface to manage your blog. You can setup different sub-pages, categories, feeds, user in your blog. Most important, there are different types of plugins provided which can further extends the functionality of your blog. These plugins can make your blog to cope with search engine optimization, work with different social media site, provides search feature, add Adsense code into your blog, etc.

With a right blog software, you can have a well-organized blog which can be crawled by search engine easily.

2. Provide RSS feed button
Provide an RSS feed button on your blog, your reader don’t have to remember to come back and they can get updated content from your blog easily. RSS feed is one of the way to make sure your readers don’t forget about you.

RSS feed is ready in the blog software. The thing you need to do is to encourage your readers to subscribe your RSS feed. You may make the RSS button bigger or you can put a simple sentence at the end of your post to encourage the subscription.

3. Related Articles List
At the end of your post, you should suggest a list of related articles. It can help your reader to find further related information and also keep them stay longer in your blog. Related articles can project an image that you are the expert in the related field.

Related Articles List is also important for the search engine spiders. Search engine spiders can easily crawl your blog via the link provided and you also include some related keywords in your post too.

4. Provide Social Media Buttons
Readers can make use of the social media buttons to share your post in their Facebook, MySpace, Digg, Delicious, etc.
Readers help you to spread your article or post to different famous website and share with others. This can definitely helps you to generate new traffic.

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