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An alternative of Acrobat Reader: Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit PDF Reader is an alternative to Acrobat Reader, that allows you to view and print PDF files.

Acrobat Reader is a common choice in viewing or printing PDF file. However, people always complaint its size and speed. It always take times to launch the Acrobat Reader. Foxit PDF Reader is smaller and faster, compared with Acrobat Reader.

It supports all the standard features. For example, the browser integration. It integrate with browsers without any problem.
It also allows you to select/copy of text or image from the documents. Furthermore, you can even create a snapshot from a selected portion of the page, fill interactive forms and more.

You can find further information in following URL:


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2 Responses to “An alternative of Acrobat Reader: Foxit PDF Reader”

  1. Zhang Xu Ren

    Foxit PDF Reader is a good pdf reader. I used Acrobat reader before but the loading time is very long. I always wait for a minute to load Acrobat. But this Foxit PDF Reader loads very fast. I decided to use this one and remove the Acrobat. Thanks for your suggestion.

  2. Bruce E. Williams

    It was motivating. You seem very expert in your field.