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Attachment in Email Marketing?

Sending marketing email with attachment seems to be the sensible way to provide recipient additional information. For example, you may attach product catalog, promotion coupon into the marketing email. However, file attachment may affect your marketing event.

As email attachment is one of the source of computer virus, people take different action to handle the file attachment found in email to avoid the computer virus. Internet Service Provider (ISP) may deliver your email to the recipient but the attachment may be strip away. ISP may even block or discard the email if the email contains a suspicious attachment. Some firewall and anti-virus software may also block the email attachment. The chance of your email being marked as SPAM will be higher.

Another issue is the download time. If your attachment file is large, recipient spends time to download your email. It may annoy recipients as it may slow down the whole email checking process.

What to do if I don’t make attachment?

You should host your document on your website. In your email, you should place a link to your hosted document and encourage the recipients to view the document. This method not only avoid the mentioned problems, it also drive web site traffic. Most important, you can trace the download statistics in your website.

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  1. Walter Siegers

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