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It is important to have your website compatible with different types of browsers, such that it looks nice under different environments. However, there are many browsers, like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, etc. They also have different versions. The scenario is even complicated with different operating systems.

How you can ensure your website looks nice under different browsers, versions and OS?
How to perform a cross platform browser test?

BrowserShots is your solution.

It is a free web application. You simply types your web address and select the browser you would like to test. There are over 70 combination of browsers/version/OS for chosen. You can also specify the screen size, color depth, javascript/java/flash support.

After making your choice, click “Submit” to proceed.
It will make the screen capture of your website in the selected browsers. When all the job is completed, you will be provided with a zip file includes all your screen captures.

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