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Favicon – Build your website a little bit more.

What is Favicon?

Favicon – Favorite icons. It shows in the URL bar of browser, right
before the url address. It also shows in the bookmark.

What Favicon can help?

Typically a tiny version of a company or website logo is used as the
Favicon. Because the favicon is usually displayed next to the web site
address, it can act like a small logo that visitors can use to remember
the web site or its address.

What happen if
the website does not have a favicon?

When a website does not attached with a favicon, for example, Internet
Explorer will load the IE logo into the browser by default.

Which browsers
support Favicon?

Nowsaday, many browsers support favicons including all current versions
of the major browsers support favicons, including Internet Explorer 5+,
Firefox 1+, Mozilla 1+, Netscape 7+, Opera 7+ and more.

If a particular browser doesn’t have support for the favicon feature,
it’ll simply ignore the favicon and the presence of a favicon won’t have
any effect.

How I can create
a favicon?

There is a free service from HTMLKit helps in creating favicon. http://www.html-kit.com/favicon

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