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Three Way to Make Visitors Add Your Website to Their Favorites

One of the ways to get your visitors come back again is to get them to add your website to their favorites (or bookmarks in some browsers). But how can you do it? How to ask them to bookmark your website?

#1 Remind them

Visitors always forgot to bookmark the page. They just browse the page, read the materials and go. You need to remind them they can bookmark your page. Just write a statement on your page to remind them, to draws attention and makes the visitors think about it.

#2 Make it Easy

The option to add a website to the favorites menu is quite hidden. You can get more people adding your website to their favorites if you provide a quick and easy ‘Add this Site to my Favorites’ link somewhere in the page.

#3 Keep Updates

If you want people to add your site to their favorites, you need to have something that can bring them back again. The best way is to make a frequently update on your website and let the visitors know how often your website is updated. You might write at the top of your website ‘updated weekly’.

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