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The Site Map: Important or Not?

you take a in-depth study in your web site statistics, you will find
that very few people were visiting the site map. Visitors to your site
will almost never use them. You may even forget you have one. You will
certainly forget to update it as often as you should. However, the site
map is a important component of the site.

The first thing to
realize is there is a specific purpose for having a site map. The
purpose is to make it is as simple as possible for search engine robots
to crawl your site. The more pages indexed by the search engines, the
better off you are.

To create
a site map, just make a page and add hyperlinked text to each web page
of the site. For example, you may have a centralized article page with
links to each article. This centralized article page should be included
on the site map. Once completed, make sure that every page you want
included in the search engine has a hyperlinked text headline on at
least one of these centralized pages.

Once you
have the site map page up, don’t wait for the search engine robots to
find it. Try to publish the link in an article byline or blog as soon as
possible. Within a week or so, you should see pages from your site being
added to the search engine indexes.

Second, sitemap
can provides webmaster a clear picture on how the web site is organized.
It’s good to ensure the page is well-organized and easy to navigate.

Also, when your
website get complicated, the site map button can provides a shortcut to
the visitor to navigate between different pages in your site.

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One Response to “The Site Map: Important or Not?”

  1. jacksan

    Thank you for the tips on sitemaps! Site maps are crucial to us in the seo sector. yeah this is very true information in getting listed in search engines. Thanks for the information.