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DIY: Submit website to search engines

a website is not a difficult task today. But, how to let your customers
know your website is another issue. Of course, you need to put your
website address on your name card, email, company leaflet and brochure.
You also need to submit your website to different search engines.

1. What need to prepare?

You need to have the following information ready.
– Name of the website
– Categories the website belongs to
– Description about the website
– Keywords to describe your website
– Contact email address
Let’s make some efforts on the above items, especially keywords and
categories, these are the points to attract your customers. If you want
to submit to some engines in other languages, you need to prepare that
information also.

2. Submit to search engines

There are thousands of search engines on the Internet, we need to
submit to all of them? Of course not. It’s impossible and it is no need
to do so. Just submit to some famous search engines, you can get
remarkable rewards. Let’s have a look on the following

– Google
Google is one of the famous search engines. Normally, your website will
be listed just two to three days after submission. (Editor: Must get
listed on it)

– Yahoo
Another famous search engines. It provides different languages support.
There are tons of information in Yahoo and it is a big portal. Also,
other search engines will use Yahoo Directory as reference. (Editor:
Must get listed on it)

MSN is Microsoft’s product. Many MSN like to surf around in MSN.

– LookSmart
Another famous search engine.

– DMOZ www.dmoz.org
A very famous Directory services provider, many search engines (like
Google) use their categories for searching. (Editor: Must get listed on

– Timway
A search engine made by Hong Kong company. It supports many search
engine and portal in Hong Kong.

– BaiDu
It known as “Chinese Google”. If you target to the China market, you
must get your website listed in Baidu. (Editor: if you want to raise up
the popularity of your website in China, you must get your website
listed there.)

– You can also submit your website to different business portal, or
submit to some trade organization. In Hong Kong, you can submit to TDC

All the above services are free and those submission only takes you
less than 30 minutes.

3. I submit my website long time ago, but I still cannot find it.

Some search engines take two to three days to list your website, but
some will takes two to three weeks to get your website listed. If, after
some times, you can send them an email and ask for the progress. Like

4. Increase page rank

After submission, you need to improve your page rank. One of the
factors to affect the page rank is Link Popularity. The more web page
like to your website, the higher the link popularity. Higher link
popularity can help to increase your page rank.

In next week, we will talk about other techniques, like page title and

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