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1. Build robots.txt. If there is no special restriction to search engine, make it as *.

2. HTML code should follow the HTML4.0 or XHTML 1.0 standard provided by W3C.

3. Avoid to use frame or iframe.

4. Build a clear sitemap

5. Avoid to use redirect.

6. HTML code should always start with <HTML>

7. Try to keep the <TITLE> tag same as the title of your article or paragraph. Ensure all the title tags are unique.

8. Use <H1> and <H2> to label the title and subtitle of your article or paragraph. If you need to adjust the style, use CSS.

9. Ensure you have provide ALT attribute in <IMG> tag.

10. The important materials, like Publication and Report, of your website, should be provided with PDF format. This can help to improve the page rank.

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One Response to “Ten Ways to Make WebSite Search Engine Friendly”

  1. Sherlene Masella

    Now that’s what I call news!
    Thanks for putting this out in the open for us to read.