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Optimize web page, Seize Internet Opportunities

In today, most companies have built up their own company website. But after established the company website, what is the next to do to explore more business opportunities on Internet. From the technical point of view, you need to carry out the optimization for the website which can increase the page rank in the search engine and attract more customers’ visits. Following introduces several free optimization tools,

1. Hyperlink Validation

First item to do in the optimization work is to validate the hyperlink in your web pages. It is to ensure the links are well connected. It will bring a very bad impression to your customers if the links you provided are broken.

2. Page Size Checking


The size of web page should be moderate. Although the broadband internet access is very common today, the web page content is full of multi-media contents and get all the materials loaded, it also takes time to get the materials shown in the browser. Remember to take care of different customers, includes those with dialup networking or those with low-end computers.

3. Server Speed

Ping is a program to send a message to server and check for the response speed. To use this tool, you can check the server’s speed of your web site. If you want to target the oversea market, but your web server response to request from oversea is very slow. You may better to talk your service provider how to solve the issue.


The above URL provides another tool to check the speed of web page. It can calculate the file size of different contents in different access speed. It also gives some opinions and the tips on action to be taken.

4. Meta Tag Analysis

This is a Meta Tag analyzer, it may use different Search Engine Spider to check the keywords in the web page and
gives you some useful advice.

Let’s use these tools to optimizes your website, make uses of the
Internet to carry out the product promotion and develop the overseas

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