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People says content can attract long term traffic, but how?

1. Traffic from search engine
Search engine crawlers love content. They will crawl the website content to enrich their data. The more content in your website, the more webpage is indexed by the search engines.

Of course, you need to ensure your content is valuable and not duplicate. You should optimize your website to helps the crawlers to crawl your website easier.

2. Links from other websites
If you post a great article on your website, other websites may like to link your page. These links can bring the visitor to your website. This can brings traffic to your website.

More than that, if your post got many incoming links, search engine will give a higher ranking as it seems that your post is “important” to other website.

3. Spread over Social Network
Social network is a fast growing community. You should provide a friendly link to allow people to share your post on the social network. The social network can bring you hugh amount of traffic if you hit the hot topics.

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