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You may spend several hours a day in using computer to work, web surfing, communication, etc.
You need to take good measures to protect your eyes.

Here’re the few tips that you should pay attention to.

1. Keep your screen clean and free of dust and fingerprints.

2. Select a computer monitor with a larger and flat screen. Adjust the font size of the display if necessary.

3. Use an antiglare screen on your computer or relocate your machine to avoid glare.

4. The top of the monitor is at a level slightly below the horizontal eye level.

5. Take five minutes break every hour by looking away from the screen. Look at an object 20 feet or more away to relax your eye muscles .

6. If you need to type large amount of data into the computer, close your eyes to have a rest for few minutes. Blink your eyes regularly to avoid dryness and irritation.

7. Alternate your computer work with non-computer tasks to give your eyes a rest.

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One Response to “Seven Tips to Protect Your Eyes When Using Computer”

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    Thanks for bringing this up, such good information to share with. Everyone should consider those tips to have better eyesight and avoid eye strain.