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Create a shutdown icon in XP desktop

Just three simple steps, you can easily create a shutdown icon in Windows XP desktop.

1. Right click on blank area of your desktop, a popup menu will shown out and choose “New > Shortcut”. This will bring you the “Create Shortcut Wizard”.

2. You then need to provide the path/location of your shortcut, “shutdown.exe -s -t number_of_second”. For example, if you want to shutdown your machine in 10 seconds. You can type “shutdown.exe -s -t 10 “. When it is ready, click “Next”.

3. You are asked for the shortcut name, e.g. Shutdown. When it is done, you can click “finish”. The icon will be shown out in your desktop.

You can select the newly created icon and right-click your mouse. In the popoup menu, choose “Properties”. In the “Shortcut” tab, you can further customize the icon and the shortcut key.

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