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What is a Quotation?

Quotation is a document that a seller would give to a potential buyer to list the products and services that they provide and the cost involved. It allows a potential buyer to see the costs would be involved for the product they would like to buy.

What information should be included in Quotation?

Quotation should include:
– Letterhead
Your company info likes: name, logo address, and contact method. You are required, in some countries, to put Business Registration number and VAT info on the header.

– Quotation Number
A unique number to identify the quotation. This number is useful for you and your customer to refer to.

– Quotation wording
You should put the words “Quotation” after the letterhead.
You may also use the alternative wordings, “Quote”, “Estimate”, “Sales Quote”.

– Date
The date of quotation

– Customer Information
Customer name, address and contact method.

– Payment Info
State the payment term you’d like to have.

– Item Details
List out the product/services provided, with quantity, unit price. If applicable, you should specify a lump sum total.

– Notes
Put any other notes related to the quotation, likes validity of your quotation.

– Signature
Authorized signature of your company.

– Footer
You may put the page number on the footer.

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