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EasyBilling Invoicing Software
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I lost my license information. Can you help?
A: Please go to Retrieve License Information page to retrieve your license information.

Q: Does EasyBilling support multiple companies?
A: Yes. EasyBilling allows you to setup different workspaces for different companies. In each workspace, you can have its own settings (header, logo, numbering, etc) and have own folder for documents.

Q: I've two licenses of EasyBilling. Can I connect two EasyBilling to same database?
A: EasyBilling is a standalone application, and does not have network/multi-user access features.

However, you can set the Data Folder (we called it workspace in EasyBilling) to a network drive/shared folder, so that EasyBilling from different computers can access the same "data".

In EasyBilling, you can set your workspace in menu "File > Switch Workspace"and create a new workspace in a network drive. In EasyBilling of another computer, you can set the workspace folder but choose "Connect existing workspace".

EasyBilling in different computers cannot access the workspace at the same time. As the database is locked when EasyBilling is running, EasyBilling in other computers can only connect the same workspace in READ-ONLY mode.

Q: How can I use Dropbox to share my EasyBilling database with another computer?
A: It is possible to sync EasyBilling data with Dropbox, but you need to be careful to ensure that EasyBilling is only running on one Computer at a time.

You need to install EasyBilling and Dropbox application on both computers. Please ensure you've install the same version of EasyBilling on both computers. The Dropbox application should sync the local folder in your computer to the cloud.

Setup First Computer
In Computer A, Dropbox is synced to C:\Dropbox\ folder, for example.
You can first create a empty folder (says C:\Dropbox\EasyBilling) under your Dropbox folder.
Then in EasyBilling, you can create a workspace and choose this C:\Dropbox\EasyBilling\ as the workspace folder.

After that, you can quit EasyBilling in computer A.

Setup Second Computer
In Computer B, assume Dropbox is synced to D:\Dropbox\ folder.
Please wait and ensure all the files under D:\Dropbox\EasyBilling\ folder is synced completely.

You can then start EasyBilling in computer B.
You also need to create a workspace but choose "connect existing workspace" and choose the local folder location of your dropbox. (ie. D:\Dropbox\EasyBilling\).

So, now
- Computer A, EasyBilling connects to C:\Dropbox\easybilling\
- Computer B, EasyBilling connects to D:\Dropbox\easybilling\
And these folders are synced to the cloud with the help of Dropbox desktop software.

Q: Can I put my company logo into the document?
A: Yes. You can upload your company logo into EasyBilling and set it in the document header. You can set it in "Company Information" under "Settings".

Q: Our company has own set of terms used in the quotation. Is it possible to change those wordings?
A: All the wordings in the documents can be changed. You can change them in "Document Label" under "Settings". The changes will applied to all the created documents automatically.

Q: How to add additional payment/shipping terms?
A: You can specify the Payment Options/Shipping Options in the"Define Terms" under "Settings". Once you define the term here, it is available to pick up in the document.

Q: What kind of viewer is needed to view the document?
A: To view the document, you need a PDF viewer, e.g. Acrobat Reader. It is free to download from

Q: Will the existing data keep after I register the software?
A: Yes. All the existing data/settings will be kept after registration.

Q: What kinds of export format EasyBilling supports?
A: All the documents can be exported into PDF, XLS (excel), andHTML formats.

Q: Is there any backup/restore features?
A: The backup/restore features are provided in the registered version. It allows to backup all the documents and related data, reports, and all the settings into a zip format.

Q: Will you help to build additional types of document into EasyBilling?
A: Yes. We understand different companies have different needs. We are welcome any customization on EasyBilling. You can contact us for details.

Q: Is there any forum I can post my question about the software?
A: Yes. We have a discussion forum for EasyBilling software. Visit Evinco Support Forum

Q: How to transfer the software to new machine?
A: Please follows the steps below.
1. Backup your data in old machine
In menu "Tools > Backup", save your data into a zipped file.
Please keep the zipped file in safe place (not under EasyBilling folder)

2. Uninstall the software in old machine

3. Install the software in new machine

4. Restore your data in new machine
In menu "Tools > Restore", locate your zipped file and start restoration.

5. You may need to perform registration again. It can be done via menu "Help > Register".
Please use your license information for registration.
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