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RoboMail Mass Mail Software
Frequently Asked Questions

A: Please go to Retrieve License Information page to retrieve your license information.

A: Yes. RoboMail has a built-in SMTP server. By default, it will use built-in SMTP server to send emails out.

A: You can specify the SMTP server settings in "Settings - Sending Settings" under "File" menu.

A: You can specify the sending speed in "Messages sent per minute" in "Settings" under "File" menu. The fastest you can set is 60 messages send in one minute.

A: You can highlight the email template and click the "View Log" button to view the sending log. It will lists out the email address and whether email can send out or not.

A: You can uncheck the "Allow Duplicate Emails" box in email template. RoboMail will skips all the duplicate emails address automatically. No recipients will receive the same email twice.

A: Yes. RoboMail support HTML email.

A: RoboMail allows unlimited number of email attachments. You can make attachment in email template by clicking the first icon.

A: Yes. RoboMail process un-subscribe requests via POP3 email accounts. You can specify the email address and email title to handle un-subscribe. Un-subscriber send the request to this email address with specified title. RoboMail will then retrieve all the emails with this specified title to process the request. You can send those email address and title in "Settings - Unsubscribe Settings" under "File" menu.

A: You can import the address book by using a excel file. In the address book, highlighted the group and click "Import" button. Please ensure the upload excel file follows the sample import file format. You can then import the customer details into the RoboMail.

A: The marking is made by the recipient's mail server. You cannot override it but you can reduce the chance the email is marked as SPAM. You should make email personalize and avoid those "spam symptoms".

These are somethings you can try:
- Use real email address as Sender/From email
- Put the recipient's name in the email
- Avoid attachment
- Avoid a single image and no text
- Carefully choose your email title, make it attractive but not an advertisement
- No ALL-CAP in email title

A: You may check the SMTP settings via menu "File > Settings > Sending". Verify the settings in RoboMail exactly match what your ISP provides: no typos (e.g., smtp not smpt), extra spaces, punctuation mistakes or capitalization errors.

If you using RoboMail built-in SMTP, you may check whether your ISP block port 25. In an effort to stop spam, many ISPs block all traffic to port 25 on anything except their own SMTP servers. In this case, you cannot use RoboMail built-in SMTP server. You need to use ISP's SMTP server.

A: If the email is marked as SUCCESS in RoboMail, it means the email is already sent out and leave the RoboMail software. There are many reasons why the email is not delivered.
1. Blocked by Antivirus
Some antivirus software (e.g. Norton) will scan the outgoing email. If the email is sent from a non-default email client. The antivirus software will block it. You may configure your antivirus software to allows the outgoing email.

2. Blocked by Firewall
This is similar to the case of antivirus software. You may consult your system administrator to config the firewall to allow email sent out.

3. Email is dropped into JUNK/SPAM folder
When email server suddenly receives a large amount of same email in short period, it may marked those email as SPAM/JUNK. The email will be drop into SPAM folder. You may check the JUNK folder to see if the mail is drop there or not.

A: Some ISPs may apply limitation on number of emails sent out per hour (like 50, 100 or 200). They may block further email sent out if the sending limit is reached. You may consult your ISP on this matter.
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