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How to send email?

  1. In Email Template, switch to "Emails to send" tab.

  2. add emails to email template

  3. There are two ways to add recipients into template:

    (1) Click the "Add From Address Book" button to add address group from Address Book.

    (2) Click the "Add Email Address" button to add email address directly.

  4. Click the "Add From Address Book" button.
    You can choose which group of address is added to the template. Select the group on L.H.S. and click the arrow button to move to the R.H.S.

  5. add group from address book

  6. After making the selection, click "Save" button.

  7. In the main window, you should find the number of "Not Send" of your template is updated.

  8. Click the in Tool Bar to start Email Sending.

  9. In the popup window, you can specify the "Starting Time" and "Stopping Time". Click "OK" button to start.

  10. set starting and stoping time email sending

  11. You can see the "Start" and "Stop" button is toggled.

  12. start and stop button for email sending