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Email sends fail?

If the email cannot be send out, RoboMail will make two more trials before marking it as FAIL.
There are several reasons which make the emails as FAIL.
  1. Internet Connection is broken - If the internet connection is broken, email cannot be sent out.

  2. Incorrect SMTP settings - You may check the SMTP settings, like host, username and the password.

  3. Blocked by Firewall - If your machine is behind firewall, you may configure the firewall to allow outgoing emails from your machine.

  4. Blocked by Anti-Virus/Security software - Some antivirus software will blocked the outgoing emails. You can change the option in the anti-virus software to allow outgoing emails.

  5. The domain of email address is not valid - If the domain is not valid or cannot be resolved, the email cannot be delivered.