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Create a new Email Template

  1. Click "New Template" icon to create a new template.

  2. new email template

  3. The template window is shown as follow.

  4. specify email subject, sender, reply to email

  5. In the first tab page, Details, you can enter the basic information of the Email.
    • Title - Subject of your email. You can add variable of recipient into the title.
    • Message Priority - High, Normal or Low
    • Require Reading Confirmation - Check the box if you would like to receive the reading confirmation.
    • Sender Name - The name of the sender. You can leave it blank and only the sender email will be shown.
    • Sender Email - The email address of the sender.
    • Replyto Email - If you want to have a different email for the reply feature, you can fill in here. If it is not provided, reply email will be pointed to the sender address.
    • CC & BCC - Fill in the CC or BCC email address here.
    • Use Email Tracking - Check this box if you would like to track the email. You need to config your server to track the email.
    • Allow message sent to duplicate email - Check this box if you allow the same email sent to duplicate email address.
    • Set Template to Active - Email under this template will be sent out only if the box is checked.
    • Priority - If there are more than one template, this is the priority to determine which template will be processed first.

  6. In the second tab page, Email Template, you can prepare your email content here.

  7. fill in your email content
    • Type your email content in the blank area.
    • You can make use of the icons provided to format or edit your email content.

  8. Click "Save" button when your template is ready.
    The created template will be listed out in the main window then.