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Setting SMTP server

  1. In menu "File", choose "Settings".

  2. setting smtp server for RoboMail

  3. Switch to "Sending" Tab.

  4. If you want to use a specified SMTP, please fillin following fields.
    (You may consult your ISP about this SMTP information.)
    • Host - Your SMTP Host
    • Port - By default, you should use 25.
    • Connection Security - If your SMTP server requires SSL/TLS connection, you can choose it here.
    • Server requires authentication - If your SMTP server requires authentication, please check this box. You need to provide the Username and Password.
    • Username - Username to access SMTP server.
    • Password - Password to access SMTP server.

  5. If you prefer to use RoboMail built-in SMTP server, check the box at bottom. Please consult your ISP and ensure they allow you to run your own SMTP server without blocking port 25.

SMTP Settings for popular Email Services

The following URL are the SMTP settings for popular Email Services.

Google Gmail