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PhotoPDF User Guide
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Thumbnail Page

create pdf thumbnail page from photos

"Thumbnail" allows you generate Thumbnail PDF file with multiple photos.

You can adjust the following output settings:

  • Paper size: "Image Size" or other paper size like A4, A5, etc.
  • Orientation: Portrait or Landscape. Not available when paper size is set as "Image Size".
  • Resolution: The value given is in dot-per-inch (dpi).
  • Image Compression: The larger the compression, the smaller the output file size but with poor quality.
  • Brightness &s; Contrast: Adjust the photo brightness and constrast in the output PDF.
  • Number of Rows and Columns: Number of rows and columns of thumbnail in a page.
  • Spacing: Space between thumbnails.
  • Output file: Click the "Browse" button to specify a filename as the output pdf file.
When your photo list and settings are ready, you can click conversion button button at the bottom to start the conversion process.