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Google has released the Google +1 button.

Webmasters can add the +1 button to their site and allow visitors to give recommendation to Google and let others know.

What is Google +1 button

The +1 button is similar to the “Like” button from Facebook. It lets other know “this is pretty cool” or “you should check this out”. +1 can help friends and others to find the best stuff.

To integrate +1 button

Integrate +1 button is easy. You only have some basic knowledge of HTML, and do not need any progamming knowledge.

Visit http://www.google.com/webmasters/+1/button/

Select the size of your +1 button. Copy the generated code in the box and paste it to your HTML file according to the instruction.

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One Response to “Add Google +1 button to your Website”

  1. Social Networking Design

    Its really essential to integrate Google Plus one button on the website to make it friendly in Google’s Eye.Thanks